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If you're looking for something to complement your prospecting efforts, even help reduce your prospecting over time, and want to generate quality leads, then you may want to take advantage of our PLUS program. This Program adds very little of your time, but can have major impact into how you generate qualified sales leads in the future and how you grow your business down the road.

Sales Leads & Mailing Lists
With the PLUS Program, you will get access to a targeted list of sales leads that match your criteria of your top prospects or customers. Every month, we will make sure you have plenty of leads to call, and turn in to potential buyers. Our databases include virtually every business and homeowner. Depending upon the type of list you want, you could get up to 2000 leads every single month.

We Create Content for Your Company
While you are doing that, GoLeads will be doing everything we can to make you more visible online, so that when people are searching for your products or services, they will find you. We do this going above and beyond what other online marketing companies do.

We write content every month about your company, your products, your industry and leverage that content across numerous outlets online. We will provide you a content portal that allows you to review, edit and publish all content before it's posted on the web. Once you approve the content, the portal allows you to post the articles in numerous outlets with a simple click.

Below are some examples you can post the content to in seconds from the content portal:

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When we write for you, we want the content to accomplish 3 things with your prospect:
Connect, Educate & Inspire.

Click Here to learn more about the value of Content.

By doing this, you will introduce your company to more people, and over time, get qualified buyers to call you. So if resources allow you to add a long-term sales and marketing strategy to your short-term strategy of prospecting, then the GoLeads PLUS program is an ideal option for you. Over time, you will generate more quality leads and ease the burden of growing your business.

Call GoLeads today, and speak with a representative about our PLUS Program.

Want to implement Email Campaigns on a regular basis? Learn More about our PREMIUM Program.

The monthly program consists of the following:

Up to 2000 Sales Leads + Content About Your Company + SEO Services. Every Single Month!

We try to make this Program a "small jump" for you to introduce you to web marketing. The program works very similarly to how you possibly came upon our site. You may have typed in certain keywords or phrases within Google

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