August 2018

Growing your business is an exciting process. It’s also a difficult one. The key is to know what you do and don’t need to do.

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April 2018
How to Get Your Emails Opened and Read

Email lists are an outstanding way to grow your business and can lead to sales conversions. Sending emails to prospects also can help to build relationships. But emails can fall flat, as well, leading to a great deal of frustration, not to mention wasted time and resources.

If your emails aren’t getting the response you had hoped, you are probably wondering why. An article in Business Insider, 5 Reasons Your Email Didn’t Get a Response—and How to Make Sure It Does, might help to give you some insight. It lists some of the reasons people don’t respond to emails, including these common ones:

  1. They are too vague
  2. They are really long (or too short)
  3. They are generic

If you are looking to send emails that get opened and convert, GoLeads can help. Give us a call at 402-334-1824.

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April 2018
Three Things Every Initial Email to Prospects Must Include

Have a new email list of sales leads you are ready to approach? Great. Email lists are an outstanding way to grow your business. When done correctly, emails can be an incredible boon to your business.

However, before you send any emails out, it is important that you make sure you don’t jeopardize these new relationships (and potential customers) by failing to include some important items in your email. After all, first impressions are often lasting impressions, and this is especially true in the marketing world.

Your first email should set the stage for all of your emails going forward and will play a large role in whether or not individuals will decide to opt into your subscriber list. Keep in mind that the first email an individual receives from a business will be the one most likely to be opened so it really is your best chance to connect with prospects.

So now that you know how important these emails are, it’s time to talk about what they need to include.

  1. A healthy dose of appreciation. No one is forced to open an email so the fact that someone did means they deserve a hefty thank you. And not a generic thank you. You need to thank the individual by name. You may be surprised at how such a simple gesture can have such a huge impact on building a relationship.
  2. Something in return. If you ask someone to agree to receive future emails, make sure that person gets something worthwhile in return, such as a whitepaper or a coupon code. If . . . Readmore
July 2013
Consider "Snackable" Content

If you’re in business or in the marketing trade, you’ve definitely heard how important content is to grow your business, brand your company and to obtain new customers in this digital world we now live in. You may not have heard, however, that some studies are suggesting that the average adult attention span comes in at less than 3 seconds? Actually, 2.8 seconds to be exact. Other research is suggesting that our attention span is a bit better than that, though – 8 seconds. The takeaway from this is that we’re not getting any more patient and our digital age is most likely the culprit.

“Snackable” content is the latest buzzword to address this issue. It seems appropriate, given that our busy, distraction-filled and media-saturated lives are constantly being bombarded with messages, news, devices and more. Marketers are working harder than ever to try and get our attention quickly and efficiently. Thus, “snackable” content.

Simply put, “snackable” content is a pretty easy concept to understand, as its small bits of information that can be easily consumed by the viewer or reader. With everyone’s attention span being so short, it only makes sense to deliver smaller “bite-sized” bit of content for the intended audience to quickly and easily get and view on small screens. It’s a great way for your sales leads to try you out, to quickly engage and see if the bigger picture is worth their time. . . Readmore

July 2013
Finding the Best Insurance Leads for Your Small Business

Finding a source of steady and reliable insurance leads is not easy and can sometimes be very frustrating. However, it is the key to success in the industry and without good leads you’re likely to struggle in growing your business. Every agent understands how important it is and the necessity of a continuous stream of leads so they can continue to build their book of business. When the leads disappear, you’ll have to start hitting the phones or streets cold calling potential prospects hoping for a sale. Though difficult, it is a good way to build business and earn clientele but the time and effort put into cold calling sometimes doesn’t make you a lot of money from the sale. That’s why new business should come from quality leads.

It’s no secret or surprise that around 80 percent of consumers begin their search online for the best rates and quotes prior to ever picking up the phone and contacting an agent. This means that if you’re not partaking in some intense online marketing and email tactics to increase your presence on the web, the odds of you getting found online over your competition is slim. Many companies both large and small have been working in the online space for many years now and have developed tactics that work. Therefore, they’re being found on the first and second pages of the most popular search engines, which put you at a disadvantage.

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May 2012
Use E-Mail campaigns to Grow Your Business

Small and medium sized businesses know buyers are all about digital. Owners of these companies understand that traditional marketing, cold calling and direct mail cannot be used without online marketing, yet they continue buying mailing lists and sales leads. Wonder what they do with them? It’s no secret-they grow their business with traditional marketing efforts, online marketing and e-mail campaigns.

If you know how to write a sales letter, you’re in a good position to execute a successful email campaign. If you’ve never written a sales letter, you’re still in a good spot for email success. Take a look at this simple approach:

· Know your goal: Make it narrow and measurable, like “Generate 75 new qualified leads from life insurance providers.” Or “Get 85 senior marketing professionals to subscribe to our newsletter.”

· Know your audience: Stay specific. According to the noted goal, your audience would be:

1. Life insurance agents/Insurance agency owners

2. Marketing directors or vice preside. . . Readmore

May 2012
Starting your Social Media Marketing

If your business doesn’t participate in social media marketing, it’s missing out on numerous opportunities traditional marketing cannot produce. Thinking about starting online marketing might be daunting, but when done correctly and with a plan, social media marketing is a cost-effective, simple way to grow your business. It will increase your sales leads, grow your brand recognition and provide excellent opportunities for clear customer-based communication. Social media marketing should be started today, if it isn’t already happening.

Use these tips to start your social media marketing:

Define your Goals: Your online marketing should help grow your business and increase brand awareness. It should:

· Build authority

· Provide direct connection between customer and your company

· Educate and inform customers

· Gain inbound links

· Generate leads & drive sales

· Improve customer service

· Learn more about your target audience

· Monitor brand reputation

· Reach new channels of customers

Develop a Plan: Use a social media Readmore

April 2012
Ways to Grow your Business

Before you opened your business, you likely researched the industry, revenue potential and competition, but did you look into new ways to grow your business? Books, business groups and community education centers are great resources when you want to start a business. SEO-search engine optimization, social media and traditional marketing efforts help you grow your business without extreme additional expenses or adding new full departments to your small business.

Turn to the internet to grow your business. It’s not only full of tips and simple ways to increase your web site traffic; it provides marketing tools your customers often never even see. This deals a lot with SEO-search engine optimization, and social media marketing. Both of these Internet marketing options provide extreme online visibility (when provided by a reputable SEO company) without being too aggressive with your marketing message. However, the Internet is not the only way to expand. Here are some other suggestions to help you grow your business:

· Open a new location. Only do this when you’ve done thorough research, already have steady growth and have solid financing.

· Work with others, or create an alliance with businesses that already have a large customer base, respected products and. . . Readmore

April 2012
Grow your Business with Sales Leads and SEO (search engine optimization)

Sales leads include information and details regarding prospects, or potential buyers. Businesses use them for telemarketing, mailing lists, email campaigns and more. Without solid sales leads, companies often rely on word-of-mouth and organic growth, which is sometimes effective, but typically not as successful as targeted marketing using sales leads.

As companies target groups of prospects, they need to know their general characteristics to plan the most effective marketing strategies, true consumer needs and potential sales growth. This is where working with a sales leads or mailing list company comes in handy. They can help narrow your search down by vocation or number of employs, credit scores, annual income, number of children, etc…Working with a sales leads company will get you enough targeted contact information so your marketing efforts reach your best prospects and are not wasted on random mailings or misdirected calls.

Business who use purchase sales leads often reach their most profitable clients and focus most of their marketing efforts on telemarketing, mailing lists, email campaigns and traditional marketing sources. However, the most successful businesses are also using SEO (search engine optimization) to reach even more prospect. . . Readmore

March 2012
New Products and Services Grow your Business

GoLeads Plus is here! That means GoLeads still provides the most effective sales and marketing lists, but now we also direct customers to you! No longer just a data provider, GoLeads wants to actively promote your business with a virtual marketing masterpiece created and custom-designed just for you!

GoLeads Plus introduces your company to new customers by leveraging numerous marketing opportunities on the web. It also provides you access to multiple business and residential databases to improve your prospecting efforts.

If you’re interested in receiving more inbound calls, we can help. We’ve learned how to make our phones ring. We know how to make your phones ring, too! Think about this: GoLeads sales and marketing lists provide you with potential prospects—GoLeads Plus provides potential prospects with detailed information about you! It just doesn’t get any better than this!

Call us today at 402-334-1824. We’re so excited to help you grow your business!

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