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Database Analaysis
You Know
Heís A Good Customer
But did you know his company has multiple locations,
employs 37 people, has an annual income of $5 Million
and there are 117 other companies like this one that
are not your customers?
Thatís Only a Fraction of What You Will Learn with GoLeads Customer Analysis
We Start our discovery process by standardizing your
customer database, remove any duplicates and standardize
your data fields.

Next, we cross analyze your list by matching it against
virtually every business or consumer in the United States.
By matching against these databases you gain new insight
into your customers and their behaviors with additional
demographic data.
We then spotlight your market penetration and create a
comparison between the national business landscape and
your customer base. You will be able to evaluate your
strengths in the market and determine what areas you want
to focus on.

Finally, we provide you with a list of prospects that match
you top customers.
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