2.5 Million U.S. Agricultural Leads with US Farm Data

Whether you’re expanding your search for business and consumer prospects and clients or you’re solely focused on the individual farmer and rancher, take a look at US Farm Data for that additional lead you may not get on traditional lists.

While it’s accurate to say most databases are similar and offer many of the same sales leads, an agricultural list is a great alternative or supplement to your basic list and can significantly enhance your prospecting activities. With approximately 2.5 million farmers and ranchers contained in this unique specialty database, finding detailed and accurate information is easy. This database comes complete with mailing information, crops, acres, livestock information and more.

The knowledgeable sales representatives at U.S. Farm Data are educated and experienced in the sales leads and mailing list industry. Furthermore, since they specialize in this database only, they’re incredibly familiar with the details contained within and will be able to assist you with your next targeted agricultural or leads list.

As well, if you’re looking to deploy an effective and targeted email campaign, US Farm Data can help. Email is a great way to reach the agricultural world, as often email is the main source of communication for many farmers and ranchers. Whether you want to append emails to your existing database, or you’re seeking a fresh list that includes email addresses, consider US Farm Data for your next farm list purchase.