Add Content Today

If you ask business owners how valuable their site is to their overall business strategy, most would say, “very important”. Yet, once they created their website, most business owners abandon it, or possibly worse, continue to pay someone to “manage” it without any idea as to what exactly that person is doing.

It’s not Field of Dreams – if you build it they will come. It’s quite the opposite. If you want people to come to your site, and do something on the site or surf away with a certain feeling, then it’s important business owners enhance their site on a regular basis.

Some sites are created to act as an online sales rep – to generate quality sales leads and possibly even close business right then and there. Other sites are created to be informative, to provide information about the company.

Adding content to your website on a regular basis can do both.

On a tactical level, content can help you create quality sales leads by creating and/or strengthening the company’s organic search engine strategy. So when a prospect types in keywords or key phrases into a search engine, content about that product can help the company be at the top of the organic listings.

But on a deeper level, content does much, much more. Content creates positive perception about your company. It creates trust with the online researcher and website visitor, and helps the company become a Thought Leader in their industry. To an online researcher, who is in the early stages of their buying decision, specific and recent content is invaluable and incredibly powerful.