How to Qualify Sales Leads

With prolific internet access and a whole new world of advancing technology, sales people can’t afford to waste time on dead ends and sales leads that won’t pay off. In the past, a great deal of energy was put into every sales meeting, as prospects were sporadic at best. It took time, attention and a lot of courting to get a sale. As you know, times have changed.

Learning how to properly qualify a lead can mean the difference between landing a big sale or client, or wasting time and money. By controlling the conversation and asking the right questions, you can quickly determine if you’re on the right track or if you should simply move on to greener pastures. Always have a plan and write out your questions, if you need to.

A basic mistake both rookies and experienced sales people often make is not realizing or seeing the big picture when a sales lead bites. It’s best to contain your enthusiasm and thoughtfully consider where this sale may lead the relationship in the future. Always consider the clients budget, their needs, their authority and their timeline. Nothing can kill a sale quicker than an over-zealous sales person that doesn’t fully see or comprehend the big picture.

Next, make sure to ask the right questions. Right them down, if you need to, prior to the conversation. Avoid jumping into your sales pitch and talking about your product before first understanding your customer, what they do and what it is they’re trying to accomplish. You’ll find that by getting them to talk first, and by asking the right questions, you’ll reach the desired outcome quicker and with less chance of error.

By simply practicing these basic sales habits, you’ll quickly be able to recognize the “heros” from the “zeros”. Time is money, as they say and it’s no truer than in sales.