Use Targeted Mailing Lists for Direct Mail Success

While you should incorporate technology into your marketing efforts, you shouldn’t forget the power of mailing lists and direct marketing pieces. Social media sites are all the “rage” right now, but if you’re not incorporating them with traditional mailing lists and consumer leads, you’re not being as effective as possible with your marketing reach. Direct mail, when paired with targeted mailing lists, helps reach even the most elusive prospect.

Some of the ways direct mail (sent to your targeted consumer leads) can help improve your marketing efforts include:

· On-demand printing and automation let you customize your message to specific targets on your mailing list. Start with specialty lists and create direct mail pieces specific to each customer/prospect response. Talk with your sales leads provider to see how you can work together to create an effective, personalized marketing strategy.

· Using targeted mailing lists helps you narrow your audience. When you reduce the target your direct mailing pieces can become even more specific and detailed. Targeted sales leads are easier to communicate with when they are found with the same specific criteria.

· Creating different marketing pieces for different audiences allows you to prospect, develop relationships, sell and show appreciation with direct mail pieces.

· Direct mail lasts longer than tweets and social media messages. People have to touch it, whether they throw it away or save it for later. The tangible message leaves an imprint technology can’t compete with.

Include your social media URLs and Twitter user name on each piece of direct mail that goes out. When you use targeted mailing lists to reach your audience this only helps by directing them to your other marketing efforts. Use your creative copy and custom images in direct mail pieces to create an interest, then develop and maintain the relationship through social media.

In today’s technological world, don’t abandon the tried and true direct mail marketing. Use targeted mailing lists and sales leads from a reputable company to enhance your marketing strategy and improve your opportunities.