How to Build a Better Tweet

Tweet writing seems so simple. After all, how hard is it to compose something that is only 140 characters long? Pretty difficult it turns out.

Twitter can be a chaotic place for many marketers. If you find yourself struggling with engagement on Twitter, it might not be what you are saying but rather how you are saying it. With only 140 characters, there is little room for error so every word must carry its weight!

If you are looking to engage more followers and attract more attention to your Twitter feed, the following tips should help you accomplish that goal:

1. Use social media in your tweets, literally. Research shows that tweets that contain the words “Facebook” or “Twitter” perform 300 percent better than those that don’t.

2. Make sure you have a point. Every tweet you send out should have one – and only one. If you try to put too much information into one tweet your message is likely to be lost.

3. Name drop. When you mention a person or company in your tweets, chances are they will not only engage with you, they will most likely retweet you, as well.

4. Be a numbers person. Those in the twitter-sphere love statistics. When you can, use stats in your tweets.

5. Use quotes. Studies show that clicks and retweets occur more often when a tweet contains a direct quote.

6. Whenever possible use action verbs and present tense.

7. Begin your tweet with a question. For example, “Where can you find the best sales leads?” It’s human nature to want to know the answer when a question is posed.

8. Less is more – especially when it comes to tweets. Although 140 characters may not seem like much to work with, in almost all cases you should try to use less than 140 characters. Shorter tweets are more effective and easier to retweet. One hundred characters is a good rule of thumb when it comes to tweet length.

9. Find your voice. Even though you are writing professionally, Twitter is a personal social media network. While you never want to sound unprofessional, you do want to sound like an actual person. Make sure your tone is inviting and personable.

10. Stay on point – most of the time. If you are an auto parts manufacturer, people are following you for that reason. Therefore, the majority of your tweets should be about auto parts. Every once in a while, however, it is a good idea for you to go off topic so people can relate to you on an emotional level.

Writing tweets can be a difficult task but it is definitely worth the effort. Twitter is a valuable part of your marketing strategy so it needs to be done right!