Consider "Snackable" Content

If you’re in business or in the marketing trade, you’ve definitely heard how important content is to grow your business, brand your company and to obtain new customers in this digital world we now live in. You may not have heard, however, that some studies are suggesting that the average adult attention span comes in at less than 3 seconds? Actually, 2.8 seconds to be exact. Other research is suggesting that our attention span is a bit better than that, though – 8 seconds. The takeaway from this is that we’re not getting any more patient and our digital age is most likely the culprit.

“Snackable” content is the latest buzzword to address this issue. It seems appropriate, given that our busy, distraction-filled and media-saturated lives are constantly being bombarded with messages, news, devices and more. Marketers are working harder than ever to try and get our attention quickly and efficiently. Thus, “snackable” content.

Simply put, “snackable” content is a pretty easy concept to understand, as its small bits of information that can be easily consumed by the viewer or reader. With everyone’s attention span being so short, it only makes sense to deliver smaller “bite-sized” bit of content for the intended audience to quickly and easily get and view on small screens. It’s a great way for your sales leads to try you out, to quickly engage and see if the bigger picture is worth their time.

This isn’t to say that the long read, the bigger version of content marketing, isn’t important, because it’s still very important. However, shorter bits of information are just a reflection of today’s trends and that everything is getting quicker and smaller. Hopefully, by utilizing “snackable” content, you’ll be able to leave your audience and intended targets hungry for more information from you. This is certainly a great way to gain new followers, get in front of people and drive engagement with quick, short bits of information. It’s simply another way to grow sales and business leads for your organization.