Finding the Best Insurance Leads for Your Small Business

Finding a source of steady and reliable insurance leads is not easy and can sometimes be very frustrating. However, it is the key to success in the industry and without good leads you’re likely to struggle in growing your business. Every agent understands how important it is and the necessity of a continuous stream of leads so they can continue to build their book of business. When the leads disappear, you’ll have to start hitting the phones or streets cold calling potential prospects hoping for a sale. Though difficult, it is a good way to build business and earn clientele but the time and effort put into cold calling sometimes doesn’t make you a lot of money from the sale. That’s why new business should come from quality leads.

It’s no secret or surprise that around 80 percent of consumers begin their search online for the best rates and quotes prior to ever picking up the phone and contacting an agent. This means that if you’re not partaking in some intense online marketing and email tactics to increase your presence on the web, the odds of you getting found online over your competition is slim. Many companies both large and small have been working in the online space for many years now and have developed tactics that work. Therefore, they’re being found on the first and second pages of the most popular search engines, which put you at a disadvantage.

Whether you’re looking for new homeowners or clients that need auto insurance, there are a few things you can do to help grow your business, despite the amount of leads you may have. Simply getting the leads isn’t going to solve your problem of brining in new policies so you have to make the most of each and every insurance lead you get. Be sure to call that lead immediately before someone else does. Do not try to sell them on the first meeting or call. Find out their needs first. And lastly, present the best solution for them and make them feel that you’re there to help.