Try Farmers Leads for a More Targeted List

If you’re looking to further target your audience or trying to broaden you targeted sales leads criteria, and then consider expanding your search by using a list of farmer’s leads. You’ll most likely find that these types of lists will produce another 15 – 20% of prospects that you’re probably missing from other business and consumer lists. Plus, farmers and ranchers often get missed from high-income lists because home values and incomes are often modeled upon similar households and geographical location.

It’s safe to say that many lists are similar and offer most of the same sales leads but an agricultural list is a great way to supplement an existing consumer leads or business database for marketing purposes. Using a farmer’s list can increase your prospecting activities and successes by adding depth and dimension to those targets you might otherwise be missing. Additionally, you’ll benefit from information not found anywhere else, such as what these farmers are growing, how many acres they’re growing on, if they own livestock and the overall size of their operations. From farmers to ranchers, an agricultural list, such as that from U.S. Farm Data, is comprehensive and detailed enough to tell you if they even irrigate or not.

Knowledgeable and experienced, the sales representatives at U.S. Farm Data are some of the best in the sales leads industry. Additionally, since they specialize in this particular database only, they’re extremely familiar with the details and have been able successfully help thousands of customers utilize their farmer’s list to it greatest potential.

Whether it’s a telemarketing, direct mailing or email list, U.S. Farm Data can help you build a targeted and detailed list of your top prospects and customers. Often being the most significant means by which to reach a farmer or rancher, consider deploying an email campaign to this group, too. No matter what your needs are consider a farmers list for your next campaign and give U.S. Farm Data a call to learn more at 402-334-1824, or visit them online at