Use a Targeted Mailing List to Get the Best Return on Your Direct Mail

Though some marketers might argue differently, employing direct mail using a targeted mailing list continues to be a viable and effective means by which you can increase sales and grow your customer base. Whether it’s a consumer leads list or a business leads list, this is a great way to get your message out to your intended audience.

When building your list with a professional leads company, be sure to know who your targeted and intended audience is. There is no shortage of how you can “slice and dice” your data, as there are numerous geographic and demographic criteria from which you can select. Today’s lists are very sophisticated so you can be as broad or as specific as you need to be.

Three main components of a direct mailing and its subsequent success rely on:

· The message and the overall direct mail piece’s creative- it has to look and feel good. As well, it must make sense and quickly and efficiently present your message.

· The offer – this is naturally important, too, as it has to be prominently displayed and be an attractive offer with a substantial call to action.

· The quality of the mailing list – this is critical so that your specific message gets to its intended audience. Obviously if you send a direct mail piece selling panty hose to an all-male list, you probably won’t have any sales and your mailing will be a failure.

Pricing of mailing lists vary greatly depending upon the database. Specialty files (or niche files), such as horse racing enthusiasts for example, are expensive because this information is difficult to get. Also, the more sales leads you buy the less expensive per lead. Contact GoLeads to get a good feel for the type of leads list you want.