Using Magnetic Content in Your Marketing Mix

If you’re a professional marketer you already know the power of good content and how it fits in to your marketing mix. When you look back at advertising over time, you’ll notice that, traditionally, advertising was distracting. It broke into our television programs and sitcoms, it was on the next page of that article you were reading and it was that flashing banner ad at the top of the website you landed on. It was all over the radio in-between our favorite songs and filled every white space on our morning papers.

Today, marketing is so fragmented and varied, traditional marketing simply doesn’t do the whole job anymore. In this digital age where we’re moving faster than ever, business rise and fall daily, and what is in right now is out by the end of the day, it’s hard to get customer’s attention, let alone their dollars. The objective now is to attract attention and engage the viewer as opposed to distract them or intrude upon their medium. This creates endearment and loyalty, when done properly.

What, then, does all this mean? It means that you as a professional marketer, business owner, manager, etc., need to fully immerse yourself in the works of content creation, content marketing and content curation. Magnetic content is a new buzzword that helps describe the ever blurring lines between advertising and content while attracting customers and viewers. Effective content creation engages customers; it adds value and educates them.

If you want to learn how to start defining your magnetic content, here are a few suggestions. Be sure to make your content brand-relevant and reflect what it is your brand is about. Create content that is timeless and can live, even thrive, over time. Inspire people to take action, get involved or spread the word. And, take your ideas from every day life and turn them into something worth talking about and spreading through the myriad of social networks.

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