Use Content to Find New Customers

We hear a lot these days about content marketing but can it really get us new customers? Absolutely, but not if we take the usual blogger’s approach to content and content creation. Money doesn’t drop out of the sky just because we produce high-quality material. We need to put some time, thought and planning into the marketing side of the content marketing equation and be willing to stick it out through the long run. It also means we need to think strategically about how different types of content contribute to the larger branding and marketing picture.

You need to first get their attention and a great headline that entices the reader to keep reading. Then, create content to show your potential audience that you know your stuff and that you solve a worthwhile problem. Otherwise they might enjoy your information at first, but won’t be coming back. White papers, special reports, extended tutorials, manifestos and viral video all make excellent pieces of content that will keep viewers attention and looking forward to the next piece.

Now that you’ve captured your viewers’ attention and you keep delivering compelling content, it’s time to create an audience of buyers and not just fans. Establish trust, build your case and increase the intensity of your persuasive selling techniques in your content creation, and you’ll have mastered the game. There’s definitely an art to writing good content marketing pieces that can sell. Be sure, when the time is right, to use a clear and direct call to action.