What is Content Curation?

Still considered by many to be a marketing “buzz” word, content curation is becoming more mainstream and widely adopted by professional marketers Not just another passing fad, it is now becoming a staple for many companies with stellar and successful online presence. Content curation is the act of discovering, gathering and presenting digital content surrounding a specific subject matter.

There is a difference between content marketing and content curation which should be noted. Unlike content marketing, content curation doesn’t just include generating and creating original content, but instead it’s also accumulating content from multiple sources, organizing it and delivering it through various media. Content curators are not necessarily responsible for creating new content, but finding it and funneling this information to readers in mash-up style. Those familiar with Facebook feeds and Twitter streams have witnessed curation already. Other examples include Digg and Delicious websites, which are both social bookmarking sites and where one can find a myriad of content curation examples.

Successful content curation tips include properly giving credit to sources, as well as linking to those sources. Do not use automated curation or content aggregation software, which can lead to poor quality curating. And, like many things in business, focusing solely on quantity and not quality, can lead to botched curation attempts. Also remember, to be successful in overall content marketing and SEO, you must incorporate a healthy mix of both original content and curated content.