Improve Your Inbound Marketing

Todayís business climate doesnít afford you the luxury of limitless marketing dollars, so get creative with your marketing resources and improve your inbound marketing tactics. Reach out to small businesses, large corporations and individual consumers with these simple steps:
  • Create and maintain a blog: This is one of the most effective, inexpensive ways to position yourself or your business as ďexperts in the industry.Ē Many websites support an incorporated blog, but if yours doesnít, launch your blog under a different domain name. Inexpensive software like Blogger, Typepad and WordPress make this affordable and easy. Link the blog back to your web site-effortlessly drive traffic home with this inbound marketing tactic.

  • Utilize your web site: Itís so important to use multiple online marketing techniques, like social media, content marketing and SEO. However, they donít work independently and do little good for your company if they donít lead customers to your web site or phone! Even if youíre a small business, a web site is vital to your success!

  • Engage in social media: Use social media platforms, like Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube to engage and inform your business and professional online connections. These are also useful tools that quietly direct prospects to your web site.

  • Quality over quantity rules on the web! Provide quality content to educate your audience. Offer valid tips and pertinent information. Small businesses frequently rely on otherís blogs for current practices and words of wisdom.

  • Know SEO: Because there are so many different segments of SEO, if youíre new to this game, we suggest you learn about and use keywords. Google Analytics shares which keywords and keyword phrases are most popular according to your product/services. Use these scattered throughout your relevant content to increase site visitors and online exposure.

If your current inbound marketing techniques work, do not stop them, add to them. Use the Internet to improve your inbound marketing and watch your sales soar!